A little appreciation goes a long way for GPD officer

16Gonzales, LA – At 3:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, August 2, something not quite the norm happened to one City of Gonzales Police Officer, Duane Carpenter.

“I was sitting at the light on Highway 30 at I-10 a few minutes ago patrolling and noticed a car exit I-10 and turn onto LA30. The car pulled onto the median and the driver motioned for me. He exited his car and walked towards my unit. I roll my window down, and he asked me how things are going,” said Carpenter.

What happened next was out of the ordinary, especially in an era of angst when law enforcement is involved.

“He was a young guy probably, 18 years-old, and told me that he wanted to stop and say ‘thank you’, and that he appreciates the job police officers do every day. He proceeds to tell me that he just finished DJ’ing and got a $50 tip. He pulled out his wallet and said, ‘I got this $50 tonight as a tip, and although I don’t have much, I want to give this to you for the job you do.’ I thanked the kid and told him that simply stopping and thanking me was worth more to me than the $50. I told him to keep his money because I know he worked hard for it. We shook hands and he left. I’d like the public to know that is any of them had a kid who was out until 3 a.m. working as a DJ, then kudos to them for raising an awesome kid.

Kudos indeed.

On behalf of the entire City of Gonzales Police Department, we thank every person who has ever taken the time to show their appreciation to our brothers and sisters in blue.

Our officers and detectives love Gonzales and all its residents. They do this job as a calling to protect and to serve, not as a way to gain glory or notoriety.

That being said, as you can see, a little appreciation goes a very long way. And uplifting stories such as this go a long way in building a better Gonzales.

We’d love to know who this young man is, so if anyone knows him, or if he’s reading this release, please reach out to City of Gonzales Police Department Public Information Officer Charlotte Guedry by emailing gonzalespdpress@gonzalespd.org, or calling 225.743.9630.