Junior Police and Explorer Programs

For information on any of the below programs, please contact Robin Brunke at 743.9631

Junior Police Program

The Junior Police Program is a free Summer Safety Program for boys and girls ages 8-13, sponsored by the Police Department. The boys and girls learn about personal and family safety, respecting others, bullying, bicycle, drug awareness and much more in a fun way.  Applications are available on May 1st. The program runs eight weeks during the summer on Wednesday morning from 9-12. A graduation ceremony and dinner is scheduled for the end of their training.  As time nears a detailed calendar of the events will be posted.

2020 Lessons:

Week One:

Family Values, Duties, Rules and Rights

Rules, Who Am I, My Rights, Family, Home Alone, Choosing Friends

Week Two:

Making Good Choices

Feelings, Home Alone, Choosing Friends

Week Three:

Dealing with Stress, Bullies, and Pressure (up to age 9)

Dealing with Stress, Bullies, and Pressure (up to age 13)

Bullying Page One

Bullying Page Two

Bullying Page Three

Cyber-bullying Page One

Cyber-bullying Page Two

Cyber-bullying Page Three

Week Four:

Beneficial Habits (up to age 10)

Beneficial Habits (age 10+)

Week Five:

Bicycle Safety Word Search

Bicycle and Seatbelt Safety (up to age 10)

Bicycle Safety (age 10+)

Week Six:

Healthy Hearts (up to age 10)

Healthy Hearts (ages 10+)

Week Seven:

Fire Safety

Gun Safety

Fire and Gun Safety for Kids (up to age 10)

Week Eight:

First Aid

Gonzales Police Explorers

The Gonzales Police Explorers is a program for boys and girls ages 13-21, who are interested in learning about the law enforcement field, police procedures, and what it takes to become a police officer. Teens learn how to be more self-confident and aware of the laws in their community.  This program runs year round with two meeting/training dates set for each month. The teens participate in fund raisers, parking vehicles at events and safety program presentations. The teens mentor the Junior Police Program as part of their leadership training.  An application can be found here and may be completed at any time

Louisiana Law Enforcement Explorer Academy  

The Louisiana Law Enforcement Explorer Academy is a seven day academy scheduled in June, locally, where teens interested in law enforcement as a possible future career can participate in. The week is filled with classes, physical training, range training, all in a paramilitary setting.  They stay on site for the entire week. A graduation is held once they complete the training. Applications are made available through Det. Jacob Ory and Robin Brunke.