Message from Chief Jackson in wake of COVID-19

The City of Gonzales Police Department continues to monitor the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). At the present Ike (3.43 p.m. on 3/16/2020), there are no confirmed cases in Ascension Parish. Therefore, our business office will remain open to serve the public. In order to keep both you and our staff safe, we would like to urge you to utilize our website or automated system to pay your fines and obtain accident reports. Should you wish to come into the office to retrieve your report, we ask that you call ahead to have accident reports pre-printed to minimize the time you spend out in the public. Our business office will be available to take calls and assist you.

Please note that Incident Reports are not available online. If the Incident Report is available, we have been authorized to email your report to you during this current health situation upon verification of your identity. Incident reports would consist of non-arrest complaints or parking lot accidents. Roadway accident reports may be purchased online. Simply visit our website at and select the DATA & PAYMENT INFO tool bar. At this time you have several options. The second blue bar on the right of your screen will allow you to search for your report. Please note that the best way to find your report is to select the state (Louisiana) and the Jurisdiction (Gonzales Police Department), enter the date of Incident and go all the way to the bottom and put in the report number which must be the year, a dash (-) and seven (7) digits. For example, if your report number is 2020-111, you should put zero’s in front of the last three digits to find the report (2020-0000111) for a total of twelve (12) characters including the dash. Should you have any issues in finding your report, the business office will be happy to assist you further by phone. If you have completed all the steps and your report is not available, it is possible that the officer is still in the process of completing the accident report or the report has not been approved by a supervisor. Please note that an accident report may take 5-7 business days to complete, but in some instances it is much sooner. You may continue to check on-line for your report and even select the option to be emailed once the report is available for purchase.

​Should you wish to pay a traffic citation or other non-court mandatory violation, we encourage you to do so online or by phone. to pay online, visit, and click on Data and Payment Info:

• Click the “Pay Traffic or Other Violations On-Line” button to the right
• You may search by citation number OR hit the down arrow button in that search bar and search by name.
• Pay by Automated toll-free Phone System at (866) 238-2116 from a touch tone phone
• A flat fee of $2.50 service charge will be applied at checkout for on-line and phone payments.

Our Department will be available to assist you and in the process attempt to keep everyone safe during this time. Our patrol officers will continue to answer calls and service the citizens of the City of Gonzales. We ask that you pay close attention to news reports and follow all guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe. We will make every attempt to keep our business office open until such time as it is no longer safe to do so. In that event, we will make additional announcements to apprise you on our business practices.

Thank you –

Chief Sherman Jackson
Chief of Police, City of Gonzales