GPD warns of IRS telephone scam

Lately, the City of Gonzales Police Department has been receiving calls and walk-in’s regarding telephone calls in which someone, claiming to be from the IRS, is stating they have filed suit against an individual.

Please note that these calls are all scams, yet we understand the nervousness which comes with hearing the calls are from the IRS. They may also sound convincing as it is tax season.

The IRS never sues you. It has no need. The IRS is an agency of the Federal Government that is entitled (and required by law) to assess your tax liability. Once it assesses your tax liability, unless you sue them in the US Tax Court within 90 days, the assessment is final and is the same as a court order.

Once the tax assessment is final, the IRS doesn’t call you to warn, it places levies on your assets and garnishes your income. You will always get a letter on official IRS letterhead notifying you about their intentions. You will never receive a telephone call.

If you receive one of these calls, please contact the Attorney Generals office with the number that called you and as much information as you can provide.