City of Gonzales Police Department gives back to non-profit

Gonzales, LA – For many years, the City of Gonzales Police Department has gifted area families and children with food, clothes and toys throughout the holiday season. Much of the items are collected directly through the department, but residents and organizations assist by donating as well. One such organization is Needy of Greater Baton Rouge.

For over ten years now, President of Needy of Greater Baton Rouge, Tim Arceneaux and his wife Tracy, have been donating items during every holiday throughout the year to ensure the demands are met on the many families who benefit from the City of Gonzales Police Department donations. The Arceneaux’s have donated thousands upon thousands of dollars in donated items throughout that time span. This year, Officer Robin Brunke, with the City of Gonzales Police Department went straight to the top with an idea she had for Chief Sherman Jackson. “Why don’t we help them this year?”

After an immediate approval from Chief Jackson, the department began collecting clothes and shoes. On Tuesday, December 1, the City of Gonzales Police Department gifted Tim and Tracy and the entire Needy of Greater Baton Rouge organization with approximately $1,500 in items that they can now distribute to other areas.

“When Officer Brunke approached me about us being the ones to give back this time, it was a no brainer,” said Chief Jackson. “Tim and Tracy have been so passionate about helping our cause for so many years. Being just as passionate about helping them became equally as important to all of us. It does my heart good, especially at this time of year, to know that we were able to help. I commend Officer Brunke for her kind heart in wanting us to do this as a department, and I’m so happy with what we were able to accomplish.”

“We are always so privileged to be able to give back to so many local communities,” said Tim Arceneaux. “To have an organization that we have been so happy to help for ten plus years decide to give back to us is beyond heartfelt. It’s been a pleasure working with the City of Gonzales Police Department. I’m happy to say that these ten years have only been the beginning of what we will do together.”